Shady Lawn Truck Stop

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Shady Lawn Truck Stop

The Interstate Highway System brought change to America from coast to coast. Though interstate travel would be safer and faster, there were consequences to pay for such convenience. In urban areas, historic neighborhoods were often cut in two by the new highways. For rural areas, the Interstate diverted traffic from historic thoroughfares, often bypassing small towns altogether.

The rhythm of community life of Elkton changed with the building and opening of Interstate 65. The long construction period, the drag racing on the partially completed road bed, and the completion of the I-65 remain vivid memories for residents. With Highway 31 no longer the primary north/south road through Middle Tennessee, businesses depending on travelers were in trouble. The Shady Lawn Truck Stop, long a fixture on Highway 31, moved from the center of Elkton to Exit 6 off the Interstate a couple of miles away.

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