Bee Spring

35.114036, -86.847343

Bee Spring

Bee Spring, another small farming community in southern Giles County, attracted settlers with its abundant water supply.

According to one story, a gentleman once heard of the great free-flowing spring located at Bee Spring. He made inquiries about the place and traveled there to make an offer to buy the property with the intent of building a distillery thanks to the abundant flow of spring water. After a long journey, he stopped one night at a friend's house to rest himself and his horse, and just before turning in for the evening he told his friend about his plans for the distillery at Bee Spring. When he awoke the next morning, he found his friend was no longer in the house. He hitched up his horse and traveled the remaining miles to Bee Spring, only to be dismayed to learn his friend arrived much earlier and bought the property himself. A church and cemetery were eventually placed in Bee Spring, but there has never been a distillery there.

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